31. IT Application Systems Consultant

1- Job Title

IT Application System Consultant

2- Job Description

Provide management of a range of information technology initiatives,projects and programs including creation, implementation of technologyand business solutions.

3- Tasks &Responsibilities

· Have knowledge of various system configurations and platforms.

· Follow the Stages of system development by using the methods ofcontrol and ensure that the implementation and achievementscompleted in time using specifications agreed upon.

· Follows and directs the team in the design, development and testingactivities, implementation of systems and documentation according tothe standard, to ensure a high level of quality management by use ofavailable resources.

· Must be able to understand an existing system and recommend thebest hardware and software solutions for a new system.

· Analyze (includes research organizational workflow) to assess theinformation system needs and perform several tasks that are designedto highlight the strengths and weakness of hardware and software.

· Ability to recommend software packages, applications and the bestoptions and solutions to the clients.

· Provide technical consulting to systems development and supervisionof the specialist systems analysis.

· Follow up on receipt of the software packages or systems developedby the specialized companies, and overseeing the operation andmaintenance.

· Supervision and continue to run the software packages and systems.

· Provide system review and auditing services within an organization.

· Provide business or process how data is controlled at all levels ofoperations, area which can be audited data, operations, network andtransaction processing and disaster recovery operations.

· Preparation RFP for projects and the development of automatedsystems by specialized companies, and criteria for evaluatingcompanies' bids, and the study and evaluation of offers.

· Develop methodologies for the development, implementation andfollow-up plans in the various areas of systems informationtechnology and prepare technical reports for senior management.

4- Academic Requirement

· BS degree in Computer Science or Information Systems or equivalentdegree.

5- Technical skills, capabilities and Experience

· Not less than (20) years of experience in systems and informationtechnology in work environments, including at least (10) years inbusiness consulting, study and planning for integrated and lead workteams, supervision and follow up their implementation, evaluationand review their performance

· The expertise and specialized skills in the study, development andmaintenance projects and different systems according to thefollowing:

- Systems development methodology: (SDM, SDLC)

- Operating systems: (IBM/OS2, MVS, CICS & MS/Windows)

- Software and Utilities: (MS/Office)

- Languages and tools: (Assembler, Cobol, CSP, SQL, III & IVGen.)

- Databases: (Hierarchical IBM/IMS and Relational DB2 Data base)

- Methods of documenting systems: (NCC)

6- Required Certification and Training

· University Certificate and Training courses in information technology(languages, development tools, databases, operating systems, methodsof maintenance and documentation).

7- Personal & Administrative Skills

· Excellent oral and writing skills in Arabic and English__



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